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Therapeutic Bodywork to Support Body, Mind and Spirit

Each session is as unique as you are and makes use of my vast tools based on your needs on that day.  As is now commonly understood, the work is non-sexual therapeutic massage and is offered as an addition to traditional medical and psycho-emotional therapies.  I do not diagnose illness or  prescribe medical treatment, and I always recommend that my clients continue to seek the input and support of other health care professionals.  For session-specific information please see Your Session.  


Each Session is a Work of Art 

My advanced training in each of the techniques below ensures that your session will deliver the right experience for your needs.  The comprehensive 2,500 hours of training I bring to the table—four times the national average– enables my amazing clients to transform pain into healing, find deep relaxation, and experience somatic awareness time and again as a result of our work together.   


Good massage is like taking a vacation.


Phenomenal Touch Massage

The artistic heart of my work, Phenomenal Touch Massage is an incredibly fluid style with dynamic moves and a three-dimensional approach that involves working both sides of the body at once.  It is compassionate, exceptional, and deeply honoring.  To learn more about it, see my or Leslie Bruder’s article. 


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the standard western foundation of massage therapy.  It uses various kneading, stroking, and pumping/flushing techniques to increase blood and lymphatic circulation.  This flow removes toxins from the body while promoting relaxation.  Many of the techniques are done in a centripetal fashion, which means that the focus is on moving blood and fluid toward the heart.


Prenatal Massage

The changes and demands on a mother-to-be can be physically and emotionally intense, and Prenatal Massage specifically addresses the needs of pregnant mothers during this very special time.  Bodywork can help support a sense of organization and health within a body that can feel so unlike your own.  Common conditions such as sciatic pain that can develop with pregnancy can be greatly supported by our work together.  Post-birth bodywork can also be incredibly supportive in helping the body repair, rest, and come back into balance after such an intense exertion.  Thanks to all the mothers and the incredible service they give to us all! 


Reiki and Cranial Sacral Therapy

I use these modalities in a light, supportive, integrative fashion.  Reiki is a Japanese tradition of energy work that encourages the return to health through the flow and movement of subtle energies within the body.  Cranial Sacral Therapy works primarily with the cerebrospinal fluid rhythm (Upledger Style Cranial).  This rhythm is a slow, subtle natural wave that pulses through the dura.  It undulates deep within the body and creates a core energetic organization and identity of health.  This work allows us to connect into the healing potential of this deep presence within your body.



Shiatsu uses acupressure points derived from the Chinese medical system to facilitate total health and balance.  Assessment of the hara and meridian flow allows detection and treatment of dis-ease and imbalance within the organs and other body systems.  This modality informs my work rather than being a primary player in my treatment of the body. 


Trager Work

Through both gentle and vigorous vibration this modality uses movement to restore relaxed awareness to the muscle, organ and fascial systems.  The movements of Trager Work provide the body-mind the opportunity to drop holding patterns.  This restores a type of bodily comfort, like what little children experience when they fall freely and trust gravity.  It’s the freedom of flowing, dynamic tissue that isn’t gripped tight to the bone or other structures.  Full sessions create an incredible sense of lightness within the recipient.


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