Select the Session that is Right for You


In my practice I have an hour and ten minute session and an hour and forty minute session.  Session time includes check-in time as well as time for getting on and off the table.  Depending on the length of our initial intake and health history review, I may add a complimentary 5 to 10 minutes on to your first session.

Teaching massage in Boulder, CO.

Some clients like to start with the hour and ten to get a feel for the work while others like to jump right in with the hour and forty.  An hour and ten is good for working with one or two specific areas, or doing an overall flush.  The hour and forty is good for doing both the specific and the full-body work within one session.  If your condition is advanced or is chronic, it may be best to devote an entire session to addressing the target area.


If you are not sure what session length is right for you, please get in touch.  I will help you select the best session length based on your goals.


Session Options:

Professional Fee:


70 minute session



100 minute session



Package Options:

Professional Fee:

Percent Savings:

4 Pack of 70 minute sessions



4 Pack of 100 minute sessions



8 Pack of 100 minute sessions




Gift Certificates are available to purchase at the 70 minute or 100 minute session level.